Carolina Bank, SC

A Family Tradition in Community Banking

“The community is best served by a locally based bank that is in close touch
with the needs and desires of the people it serves.” J. Wesley Beasley


In 1936 J. Wesley Beasley opened the first office of Carolina Bank on Railroad Avenue in Lamar,
Darlington County, South Carolina. Today, Carolina Bank serves communities located throughout
northeastern South Carolina. And since its founding, three generations of the Beasley family have, 
and continue to manage the daily activities of the bank. J. Wesley Beasley’s ideal, that the 
community is best served by a locally based bank that is in close touch with the needs and 
desires of the people it serves, is as true today in practice as it was in his first branch office 
in 1936. 

Carolina Bank’s branch offices are scattered throughout six counties of northeastern South 
Carolina. They account for over $350 million in assets and offer a wide range of banking 
services to meet every personal or business need. Its branch managers and staff, many 
of who are long serving employees, live in the communities they serve. As such, they are 
able to practice J. Wesley Beasley’s ideal and make loan decisions quickly based on local 
economic factors along with personal or business circumstances. Carolina Bank’s managers 
and staff understand the people of South Carolina because they share a common heritage 
and values. 

In addition to traditional and electronic bank services, Carolina Bank, through specialists 
in its CB&T Financial Services Division, offers a wide range of insurance and financial 
products including stocks, mutual funds, financial planning, and retirement plans for 
businesses and individuals alike. In addition to being centrally located on Public Square 
in Darlington, the Financial Services Division’s knowledgeable specialists meet with
customers at any Carolina Bank location, or in customers’ homes or places of business
at times convenient to its customers. 

It is Carolina Bank’s mission to remain true to the ideal envisioned by J. Wesley Beasley 
in 1936, to remain family - owned and continue to provide locally based, community 
banking services now and in the future. Some traditions are just too good to change.



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